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Plastigage Checks Bearing Clearances

Check bearing clearances the modern, fast, accurate way with Hastings Plastigages.

Plastigages are a special extruded plastic thread with accurate controlled “crush” properties. It is extremely handy for checking main and connecting rod bearing clearances, oil pump cover-to-gear clearances, and for many other clearance checks.

Each box of Plastigaes contains 12 strips in individually calibrated envelops, usually enough to check 12 engines. Available in four clearance ranges.

Part No.SizeEnvelope Color
HPG1.001 to .003” -- .025 to .076 mmGreen
HPR1.002 to .006” -- .051 to .152mmRed
HPB1.004 to .009” -- .102 to .229mmBlue
HPY1.009 to .020” -- .23 to .51mmYellow