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Put Over 100 Years of Dedication

in your Engine.

Hastings delivers exactly what the world wants in piston rings—precision, performance, and a robust offering for high-intensity applications. Not only are piston rings what we do,it’s all we do. We don’t manufacture other engine parts because that would only take us away from what we do best.

Machine Drill


Hastings Tough Guy Racing Ring engineering goes far beyond "fitting the piston." It extends to providing intricate ring and groove combinations, high-strength materials, and special coatings to meet unique applications. Our engineering expertise guarantees the right rings for diverse and demanding performance and racing engine applications.

Hastings products are manufactured using our proprietary equipment together with other specialty equipment such as:

  • Sundstrand Splitters
  • Besley and Nissei Grinders
  • SIM, Dimaco, and B&K Cam Turn,
    Bore and Gap Milling Machines
  • SIM and Dimaco Size Grind Machines

Design and Testing Verification

To promote real-world reliability, Hastings is committed to state-of-the-art testing, simulation, and analysis. 3D solid modeling ensures accurate and timely product and tooling design, and for advanced engine testing and simulation, Hastings has partnered with industry-leading firms to offer comprehensive solutions while maintaining competitive prices.

Hastings performs extensive race-world testing for our Tough Guy Racing Ring sets with our own in-house dynamometers, simulating street performance, circle track, drag racing, and other high-performance engine environments.


Proprietary Hastings-designed processes include parametric CNC programming for manufacturing products and tooling though the modification of variable inputs. This includes integrated design systems that use product dimensional data to automatically design tooling, track revisions, and create numerical code for manufacturing. Standard CNC machines have also been adapted by Hastings to perform specialized tasks using input from our external gauging systems.

Quality Registrations

When it comes to piston rings, quality goes beyond what you see. We take every step possible to assure our product is manufactured in the best way possible and we have the awards and certifications to prove it.

As a TS 16949 certified company, we have integrated quality into our everyday process. Whether through SPC, Poka-yoke, or automated in-process inspection, we are utilizing the latest vision and laser technology to guarantee our products meet customer specifications, every time. Our commitment to quality has resulted in the development of measurement systems, like the Hastings tangential tension tester, that has become the industry standard.

Applications Coverage

For 100 years, Hastings Manufacturing Company has been a world power in piston ring engineering and manufacturing. With the most robust line of piston rings, compression rings, and oil rings on the market, Hastings has piston rings for nearly any application worldwide—from automotive, heavy-duty transportation and racing, to agriculture, industrial, small engine, and more.

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